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We place so much emphasis on education in our culture today, but are we actually given the necessary tools to manage the stress of everyday life in healthy ways? Sadly, most of us are not. And we pay the price. We see this lack of balance manifest physically in the body: disease, chronic pain, fatigue. Mainstream healthcare eagerly treats the symptoms of these "dis-eases”...but we need to heal the cause.

What if it was possible to tap into the infinite energy within and learn to guide yourself to the other side of destructive patterns? If you knew that a fuller, happier, healthier life awaited you, would you be willing to take that first step?

You are the key to your health and happiness. 

Unlock your infinite healing potential.

Since I started working with Yuka, I have found my dream career, and my life has become much more stable!  I have also become more confident and feel I've stepped more fully into my womanhood and personal power! Also, I feel physically and emotionally healthier, and my hair is getting thicker!

Frostie Weber - Clinical behavioral counselor -

When I met Yuka, I was going through some serious pain caused by cancer, and had been struggling with economic issues. I was looking for any and all ways to help with my condition that I had been dealing with for nearly two years. After working with Yuka, I got health coverage, began necessary treatment for my disease and started a new relationship with a fantastic partner. I now have a steady income that covers my needs. Best of all, the doctors cannot detect any more cancer in my body.

Eli Torres - Cancer survivor -

I had serious back pain for many years .I was completely motionless for almost 3 weeks. I started working with Yuka and her sessions allowed me to release a lot of emotional blockages that I did not even know existed. I didn't even know that my back pain was related to past emotions! As a result, my back pain has improved a lot. I have also learned the skills to help me understand the root causes of my pain. With this awareness, I see how my daily behaviors and thoughts contribute to my pain and I can manage & improve the situation each time.

Amanda sol - Aromatherapist , educator -

 Meet Yuka 

I have a mastery of Quantum Medicine and specializing in clearing past and childhood traumas.

I was born and raised in Japan. In 2007, I moved to San Francisco to fulfill my life’s higher calling – to understand what lies at the root of health and disease. There is a reason I believe so firmly in this practice. Because I have been there.  I suppressed my true self for years; and never made the connection as physical pains manifested themselves. As I sat, numbed by prescription drugs and unable to move from back pain; I was ready to let disease take over.

I started to see that my disease was just that, a “dis-ease” with my own situation. I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. I lived to meet other’s expectations of me. I didn’t even know who I was, who I wanted to be, or why I was even here.

Something had to change.

I re-learned myself from the inside out, and devoted myself to years of study on how to free myself from pain, not simply mask it. I am happy to say that I have been free of back pain for years. These results are no miracle. They are the result of finding my true core and releasing everything that did not belong to me.



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