I am excited to share my methods of Quantum Medicine with every one of my clients. 

These methods are used to turn on the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. Instead of focusing on changing something on an external level, these practices help to align the body’s own natural healing centers.

The process allows us to get out of our scattered thoughts and come back to our heart space; which is our center. Giving yourself this space moves beyond conscious thought and allows you to positively influence the subconscious mind.


 CRT is an integrative technique used to get to the root cause of the issues we experience. We all have various levels of stress in our lives; physical, emotional,mental and spiritual. Yet these circumstances in our lives do not create disease by themselves. Many people lead the same type of high-stress  lifestyle, yet only some of them develop diseases. This means these “dis-eases” come not from the external world, but from the internal world. CRT allows you to free yourself from dis-ease by removing the negative attachments we all carry surrounding the circumstances in our lives.

Through a series of sessions, you can re-train your brain and body to set yourself free from negative patterns and release the pain that is holding you back.

If living the happiest, healthiest version of yourself possible calls to you, CRT is the simplest way to unlock this reality.

Cellular Resonance Technique(CRT) 

There is no need to spend years simply talking out your problems, this method helps release deep-seated negative patterns effectively, easily and quickly.

Healing on a cellular level occurs most quickly by allowing yourself a place to get out of your own way. The space created gives you clear answers to the deepest questions of your individual soul.

What are benefits from CRT?


“Sleep better, less stressed

more Vitality, clarity

and focus” 

  Sleep disorder, PTSD,  Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Headaches and Migraines

Discover your true self, rid yourself from pain, and create the life you deserve. Register next workshop near you today!

Honestly I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to focus on when we started and I didn't know much of this modality. But as soon as I layed on the table to start our session it was very clear what I needed to work on with the helpful

guidance from Yuka. She was very direct to the point with what needed to be cleared or healed- and I didn't even need to explain. She just KNEW. (it was like she was magic!) Week after week I would get on the table without much of an update and BOOM, she was spot on with what I needed support on. I felt very comfortable around sharing anything with Yuka in my personal life, she is very open and meets you where your at. I really appreciated the work Yuka supported with my health and my personal relations. Yuka can support physical healing, emotional healing, immune boosting, break habitual patterns...the list goes on. Thank you Yuka!

~ Amber Pearson - Doula, Childbirth Educator

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