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I have been seen Yuka for over a year now and have noticed a lot of shifts in my health and life...mostly around how I can handle and manage stress and anxiety.  The work always leaves me feeling less stressed and tense;  I feel like my anxieties and sadness lift away which seems to improve certain symptoms like fatigue and allergies. The words that come up are always so right on in terms of what my mind needs to work through, and I can really feel negative energy lift away. The feeling of lightness and connection to life makes me come back again and again.  Yuka has a nurturing and loving presence and is a gifted practitioner, very sensitive and intuitive to my needs.


                                                                                   ~ Avi Santana - Clinical Pharmacist 

I went into my sessions with Yuka with no real expectations, nor with any real understanding of how CRT works. I did leave, however, with a feeling of real positivity and of feeling some change happen within me. Yuka explained that it was all a recycling of energy in the body and the expulsion of old emotions that, if not taken care of, can cause pain and stress. And My pounding Headache was better after the session and completely gone by next morning without any pain killers. I would highly recommend you to go in with an open mind, no matter your own personal beliefs on this subject. The explanations can always come later! If you believe in keeping your mind and body fit, then sessions with Yuka is surely a must!


 ~ Aditya Vydyula - Project manager In Tech Silicon Valley

Yuka has been so supportive and helpful to me during both healing crisis and more long-term healing journeys. I am always amazed at how she is able to hone in on the deep root issues of things and treat from that place. Healing core issues is such a complex challenge. Doctors are guessing, with the best intentions and in depth knowledge, but in the end they are making their best guess.

Quantum healing has the capacity to pinpoint deeper root issues, and that is what Yuka does. Healing from the depths, layer by layer. From back pain to heat stroke and emotional crises, Yuka has been able to aid me in moving out of the acute pain and onto a healing path every time. I am so grateful for the work that she is doing. There isn't enough of this in the world yet.

                                                                                                                    ~ Gina Knepell

I had the amazing opportunity to receive CRT with Yuka; I experienced a clearing of many blockages I didn't even know I had. I was able to see the blockages from my childhood and how they were affecting my life since such a young age, and see how they were getting away, like the layers of an onion being peeled and erased. I recommend CRT strongly for anyone that is looking to grow fast and connect with his divine..the pain that we carry from the moment and even before we were born, can create many rocks in our paths, and sometimes we are never able to find them because they are deep hidden in our unconscious mind, creating us living in fear and with chains in our legs and heart ; so with this technique all this pain can go away, allowing us to be free and live in more peace, joy and harmony with everything that is around us. Thank you Yuka!


~ Roxana Torreblanca - Certified Advanced facilitator in Higher brain living 

I received Yuka's CRT all throughout my pregnancy. Going into these series of session, I had concerns regarding work-life balance, as this was my first time having a baby and I run my own business. I was afraid that either would get neglected and negatively affected by the change involved with becoming a mom. Sometime during my sessions it was made apparent that there were some things from the past that got in the way of me powerfully delivering this baby, that had to do with my relationship to my mother and her experiences with delivering her three children. All of this made sense, and a significant piece to my finding peace in the whole process. I believe that addressing the things that came up during the sessions allowed me to let go of some anxiety and gracefully transition from focusing on the business to becoming a mother, to now stepping back into the business which had thankfully not fallen apart during my maternity leave. I give credit to Yuka's sessions for the smoothness of all of this, and for my own sense of well-being throughout the entire process.


Despite the fact that the actual birth went quite the opposite from what was planned, I felt powerful and present with each ebb and flow of the birthing experience. I now have an 8-month old baby who is very developed for her age, so full of life and energy and thriving. People tell me I look great and seem very relaxed and comfortable even though the day-to-day is not so simple as it had been before!

Yuka is very present, aware, and non-judgmental in her approach. The sessions themselves are relaxing and seem to create some kind of an opening. At the end of her session, I felt lighter and happier in general. Thank you, Yuka!

                                                                                           ~ Yuki Takaishi - Business Owner

I had serious back pain for many years - sometimes worse than other times. In January of this year, it flared up really bad leaving me completely motionless for almost 3 weeks. I started working with Yuka and her sessions allowed me to release a lot of emotional blockages that I did not even know existed. I didn't even know that my back pain was related to past emotions!


As a result, my back pain has improved a lot. I have also learned the skills to help me understand the root causes of my pain. With this awareness, I see how my daily behaviors and thoughts contribute to my pain and I can manage & improve the situation each time.


We also did Forgiveness work, which improved my relationship with myself and my loved ones in various ways. Within 5 months of working with Yuka, I was able to manifest my ideal life partner and a new home. I strongly believe that most of the major changes in my life this year and the manifestations have a lot to do with the work that I did with Yuka. I am very grateful for your work. Thank you so much!

~ Amanda Sol - Essential Oil Specialist / Educator

When I met Yuka, I was going through some serious pain caused by cancer, and had been struggling with economic issues. Due to a lack of social connections after just having moved to a new city it was difficult to find support. That's a heavy and highly personal thing to share with strangers, and I didn't need anyone's sympathy; I was pretty happy in life, although limited physically. I also had no health insurance.


I was looking for any and all ways to help with my condition that I had been dealing with for nearly two years. Yuka was very flexible and compassionate. I felt comfortable working with her.


The actual therapy involved me and my personal goals. I was not asked to make believe in anything or force myself to be a certain way. Instead I laid down the things I wanted - Economic security, a lover with a deep connection, and most of all to be free from the emotional and physical bearing of my disease.


It has been about three months since I worked with Yuka. Pretty soon after things started falling into place. I got health coverage, began necessary treatment for my disease and started a new relationship with a fantastic partner. I now have a steady income that covers my needs. Best of all, the doctors cannot detect any more cancer in my body.


I'm not claiming that my cancer was healed by seeing Yuka rather it helped me work through blockages within, opening the door for me to actualize the changes in myself I was looking for. I am in such a better spot than I was a few months ago, and it makes me feel glad and relieved that after so long my life is taking a wonderful direction.

                                                                                               ~  Eli Torres - Cancer survivor

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